What is Bioenergetics Medicine and the SCIO technology?

SCIO stands for Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation system and is derived from the Latin “I know”. With the largest medical software package in the world and its cutting edge technology, the SCIO, designed by Professor Nelson, is the only evoked potential biofeedback device that uses a complete 3-dimensional loop, having the capacity to accurately assess underlying energetic imbalances. By stimulating and harnessing the tremendous capacity of the human system for self-healing, those imbalances can be normalized.

The SCIO device has sensors attached to the client via a headband, wrist and ankle bands, which measure and feed tri-vector resonance (the mathematical calculation of the relationship between voltage, amperage and resistance) frequencies between the device and the client. The quantum device actually scans our electrical body, much like a virus scan on a computer, looking for everything from pathogens (virus, bacteria, fungus, worms), deficiencies, weaknesses, allergies, food sensitivities and any mental-emotional imbalances.

The SCIO reports back on the biological reactance and resonance of the body, to indicate and highlight the body’s needs, deficiencies and vulnerabilities, providing the best energetic analysis possible. Based on the data received, the practitioner will choose the correct programs from the SCIO that will best assist them in balancing the energetic body. This is achieved by feeding back the body’s own frequencies, adding frequencies or at other times reversing them, to clear the debris and stimulate the body’s inner healing power.

During the session, the SCIO provides constant feedback that monitors the client, allowing adjustments in the settings during therapy, to ensure that the exact needs of the client are taken into consideration at all times. The Scio will automatically cease therapy once the maximum effectiveness has been reached.

By working on an unconscious level, only the SCIO is aware of the more than 10000 readings being monitored and tested, so neither the practitioner nor the client can influence the scan. This also means that there is no specific need to verbally communicate any disturbance on any level, making the SCIO a safe and powerful tool for anyone, including pets. It has also proven to be highly effective with inanimate objects, like farms or gardens.

On a more practical level the SCIO therapies include:

Stress reduction, which is at the core of many of our issues
Reflexology and cranial-sacral
Allergy desensitization and nutritional balancing
NLP (Neuro linguistic program) which addresses spiritual, mental and emotional issues
Homeopathy, Bach flower, flower essences, crystals
Beauty therapy and anti-aging
Chakra balancing and aura cleansing
Dental and TMJ (Temporomandubular Joint Disorder) therapies
Spinal work + muscles, tendons, nerves etc
Sport program
Injuries and trauma release
Blood cleansing
Balancing brain issues and stimulating learning
Addressing CNS (central nervous system) and ANS (autonomic nervous system)
and more…

To schedule a Bioenergetics session visit our Services page or email info@akuaha.com.

Are there Wellness Packages I can purchase?

Yes, we offer packages for Integrative Massages, Bioenergetics Medicine and a Healing Day Spa Package :

What do we need to bring?

Due to our dynamic climate (being on the slopes of Mauna Loa 3700 feet high in a lush Rainforest across from the most active Volcano in the World) it is wise to come prepared physically and energetically. Here is a shortlist of essentials:

  • Raincoat
  • Jacket
  • Layered Clothing
  • Swimsuit
  • Beach Towel
  • Hiking Shoes
  • Garden Shoes to Get Muddy
  • Slippers
  • Head Lamp and/or Flash Light
  • Hat
  • Water Bottle
  • Journal
  • An Open and Humble Heart Ready for Transformation and Inspiration

Wi-Fi is available in the Main Hale (House)

Most major cell phone carriers are available here yet the weather can altar cellular phone reception.

How can I get involved?

We are honored that you resonate with Akuahā! There are many ways to become a part of our growing Eco-Retreat.

You can: