The Awakening

It is pouring cats, dogs and dolphins here in the Rainforest of Volcano, as the Tropical Storm Kilo is dancing his way through the Pacific Ocean. The house is waking up slowly as I write. One of our two newest puppies, Lagitan (named after our beloved Ifugao Shaman and Sculptor Mamerto Lagitan Tindongan), opened his eyes for the first time this morning. What a perfectly auspicious day to introduce Akuaha to the world, as we launch our Web site, our Blog and our Indiegogo Campaign today.

I wonder what Lagitan (the puppy) first saw when he opened his eyes? Did he see his mama going for his face to lick it clean? Did he see his brother’s face for the first time as he woke up nuzzled next to him? Did he see me, with a look of awe and amazement, so happy to see his adorable puppy eyes?


The Destiny

This stormy, magnificent, ever-evolving world must be quite a site to see for a new puppy as he begins to discover his surroundings and his destined role in this life. I can’t help but see the symbolic similarities of Akuaha’s launch and our puppy’s eyes opening. Like Lagitan, who is now beginning to recognize :

  • I am a puppy
  • I am a son
  • I am a brother
  • I am ridiculously adorable
  • I live in a rainy rainforest
  • I must drink my mama’s milk to grow
  • I must allow her to lick me so I can stay clean

… we at Akuaha are learning all of the little details we need to be and do to play our destined role in this Time of Change and Global Transformation.

With our purpose to catalyze Planetary Transformation through the healing and transformation of each person we serve in our Eco-Village, we see the big picture yet we recognize that it is in the step-by-step and moment-by-moment reality in which we will achieve our purpose and intention.


The Big Picture:

  • We are a growing Eco-Village
  • We are part of a Global Movement for Change
  • We are here to hold space for people to heal, transform and be inspired
  • We are also ridiculously adorable
  • We live in a rainy rainforest
  • We must plant trees, herbs and medicine to sustain ourselves, our communities and future generations
  • We must surrender to the forces of our destiny and allow this all to be created through us


The Step-By-Step:

  • We must write the copy for Web site
  • We must clean the pool
  • We must buy more coconut oil for massages
  • We must seal the doors better in the yurts to prevent water damage
  • We must do laundry
  • We must get the solar panels on
  • We must organize our accounting books


Amazing Grace

It has been such a humbling and awakening journey to see and experience just how birthing ideas into reality truly works. If we would have known just how hard this process would be, we may have decided to hide in a cave instead and never open our eyes. Good thing, we only saw what we needed to see to get us to the next moment and then the next and the next … this is the mercy of evolution. We only know what is immediately necessary to continue on. We are challenged just enough to initiate us into realizing more and more how powerful and magnificent we are. We are given just enough moments of complete clarity to motivate us to keep going.

In hindsight, on this beautiful rainy day on the Volcano, I realize this whole thing is GENIUS! This whole thing being EVOLUTION, TRANSFORMATION and AWAKENING. Our puppy opened his eyes for the first time this morning. Akuaha is being introduced to the World today. I am in my robe writing to you all saying IT IS WORTH IT! LIVE YOUR DREAM DESPITE IT ALL! Because in hindsight, I see just how every moment of creating Akuaha has been guided by an Amazing Grace the entire time. We are held always in our pain. We are celebrated in our transformation. There is a Force that guides us through.

Thank you Friends, Family and Tribe Members We Have Yet to Meet for welcoming Akuaha into the World and supporting us in our Growth and Evolution to become catalysts for Planetary Transformation. We are excited and honored to host you, serve you and create with you.

Please join us today and celebrate the awakening of our puppy and Akuaha into the World by noticing and giving thanks for the Amazing Grace that blesses your life today. We are surrounded by this grace all of the time, let us open our eyes today and see it.

Mahalo nui loa and Mabuhay!